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MA Portable comptuer DMX 512 two 19-inch widescreen touch screen
Code: CT010
Brand: Zitalighting
Model: M.A

Wide voltage, energy-saving Low-power design: AC165-264V. Power: 450W

Built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, 0 delay automatic switching, undervoltage, overvoltage protection

Panasonic UPS high-density maintenance-free battery: B85PLUS motherboard

Intel (Intel) Core Quad Core i5 / i7: 120GB SSD

8GB DDR3 1600 memory

Control settings: a master dimming wheel

4 attributes encoding wheel (integrated button function): 1 master fader (60mm manual)

2 AB pushers (100mm manual): 21 program pushers (60mm manual)

42 program storage function keys: two 19-inch widescreen touch screen

Full specifications command keypad: Airbox attached keyboard and mouse

Interface: 2 USB3.0 Interface (Type A): 4 USB2.0 Interface (Type A)

1 backup USB input interface (B type): 1 audio input interface

1 stereo output connector: 1 LTC input connector

6 DMX-512 output interface

1 DMX-512 input interface (composite output function): 2 work light interface

1 gigabit network interface: 1 MIDI input interface

fligt case: 97*80*34cm, 64kg

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