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Controller Quartz Lighting Avolite Tiger Touch Console
Code: CT004
Brand: Zitalighting
Model: DMX

Voltage: AC 220V/110V

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

1.12.1" angled touch sreen;DVI for external display

2.4 physical DMX XLR-5 connectors

3.Compatible with Titan Net - up to 64 universes

4.Gigabit network port for Titan Net, Artnet and streaming ACN

5.Built in MIDI input, no extra boxes required

6.10 precision playback faders;3 high quality optical encoders;20 programmable macro buttons

7.Supports multi-band Sound-to-Light

8.Button layout harmonised with the rest of the Titan range

9.Conveniently located front panel mounted super speed USB3 port

10.Expandable with Titan Mobile Wing through dedicated USB port

 Work Time
Mon to Fri :9:00-18:00
Sat to Sat :9:00-12:00
 Contact Details
Hot Line:+86 (760) 2238-2086
E-Mail ( Zita Zhou ):sales@zita-lighting.com
E-Mail ( Lydia ):lydia@zita-lighting.com


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