Zita Lighting

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240A DMX 512 Controller
Code: CT002
Brand: Zitalighting
Model: DMX

12 scanners of 16 channels each

30 banks of 8 programmable scenes

6 programmable chase of 240 scenes each

8 slider for manual control of channels

8 channel or 16 channel mode

LED lamp connector

power input: DC 9-12V 300ma min

audio input: by built-in microphone or line in,


DMX in/out:3 pin male/female XRL

Weight: 2.5KG


 Work Time
Mon to Fri :9:00-18:00
Sat to Sat :9:00-12:00
 Contact Details
Hot Line:+86 (760) 2238-2086
E-Mail ( Zita Zhou ):sales@zita-lighting.com
E-Mail ( Lydia ):lydia@zita-lighting.com


+86 1‍3416170019